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Illinois Update – July 2021

by | Jul 27, 2021

The Illinois House of Representatives and Senate are currently recessed until the regularly scheduled Fall Veto Session, which is scheduled to convene October 19-21 and October 26-28, 2021.

102nd Illinois General Assembly: Key Legislative Issues

Telehealth Expansion Bill Signed into Law

The Telehealth Expansion bill, HB 3308, passed both chambers on May 31 and was signed into law by Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker on July 22. This represents a compromise that will expand telehealth services beyond the COVID-19 executive order instituted by the Governor.

The new law will require telehealth services from a health care professional to be covered by health insurance. Payment parity at the same level as in-person services is also included in the legislation, as well that insurance companies must inform health care professionals of any changes or instructions for the billing of telehealth services. The Department of Insurance and the Department of Public Health are required to issue a report on telehealth to the General Assembly by December 31, 2026.

Please click here to read a summary of the landmark telehealth legislation and the UnityPoint Health Government & External Affairs’ May 2021 Illinois Update for additional background and information.

Illinois State Budget

The Illinois state budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 was signed into law by Governor Pritzker on June 17. The $42.3 billion budget, which became effective on July 1, includes $150 million for hospital transformation reauthorization. It also includes $150 million of American Rescue Plan funds for COVID-19 related purposes in hospitals, and $100 million for mental health and substance abuse services.


Governor Pritzker Issues New Proclamation, Executive Order

On July 23, the governor issued a new, updated COVID-19 Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation and Executive Order (EO) that discontinues a number of waivers and flexibilities related to health care, such as hospital capacity and health care workforce (hiring of inactive CNAs to support patient care), among others, and extends certain components such as Sections 9 and 10 of the telehealth order (EO 2020-09, as amended by EO 2020-52) through August 21.


Governor Pritzker Launches Re-Election Bid

On July 22, Governor Pritzker announced he will be running for re-election in 2022. In his announcement video, the Governor emphasized his role in Illinois’s COVID-19 response policies and supporting the people of Illinois who were affected.


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